Welcome to VSB. I'll post investment tips and hot picks/valuation/analysis for value stocks. By reading the blog, you will learn how to do invest your money with a value investment strategies.

About Author

Hi, I’m Taizen (a.k.a. Valuechaser). As a corporate banker, I have extensive experience in industry analysis, credit analysis and cash flow projections as well as treasury experience conducting FX and money market transactions. Such experience has helped me understand the financial market, devise investment strategies and make valuations on stocks.  

I encountered value investing when I read the Intelligent Investor, written by Benjamin Graham. This book was instrumental in developing my investment strategies and I highly recommend reading the book yourself. What’s great about value investing is that it is the most logical style of investing as opposed to the popular speculative methods such as day trading. Value strategy has helped me cut through speculative biases and has given me confidence in my investments.

I started VSB to share my knowledge in value investing so that more people will be aware of the strategy and become value investors themselves. You can start learning how to invest by reading the How to Start Value Investing series, or begin analyzing and investing in stocks through the Valuation Series . If you are simply curious of the power of value investing (and my aptitude at it), I’ve included the growth (or loss) of my portfolio in Portfolio Updates.

I hope you enjoy reading my blog and join the world of value investing.