Portfolio Update: Superb return!

Performance Overview: All-time high!

My portfolio has kept growing ever since the inception, now posting near 120% cumulative return and $27,500 gain over 3 years. The portfolio value is all time high.


While the market has grown in the same period, you can clearly see that my portfolio (blue line) has outperformed the market (S&P500, Nikkei 225 & TSX60).

return 2.png

MVP of the month: Gran Colombia Gold (GCM: TSX)

The biggest contributor of the return is the Gran Colombia Gold (GCM: TSX), my all time favorite gold stock since 2016. The average purchase price was near 1.65 and the stock has more than tripled since then thanks to the increased production, reduction of debt and the rise of the gold price. This is the one of the first value stocks I purchased and I have a hope that it may become my first Tenbagger stock if I’m lucky enough.

Gran colombia.png

Newest Addition to the Family: Yashima Co., Ltd. (7677: TSE)

I added some position of Yashima Co., Ltd. (“Yashima”). It’s a classic value stock whose cash amount is simply more than the market cap and the business brings in positive free cash flow. The reason of the purchase is very similar to Kikukawa Enterprise. For the record, Kikukawa tripled in price in 3 years after the purchase (click here to see the details). Yashima recently went IPO and the price has been rising ever since. I was somewhat late in the game since I have been focusing on raising my actual new family member (my precious baby Yuna, of course) but I’m happy with what I’m seeing so far.


Experimental: Writing a Covered Call (RBC: TSX)

As I have been eerie on the market environment since the beginning of this year, I wrote a covered call (Strike price: 107, January 2020 expiry) on my 100 RBC stocks around the end of February 2018 as an experiment. It seemed like an optimal move at the time since I did not expect much of the upside of the market but I still wanted to remain long on RBC. I picked the 107 strike at that time as it was the 52 weeks high at that time. Although I somewhat regret not choosing the shorter expiry date so that I could’ve better exploited the time decay, I’m happy with the fact that I have been enjoying the 4% dividend while the price moved more or less the side ways.

RBC covered call.png

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